Selling Commercial Real Estate

Selling Commercial Real Estate

If you want to sell your commercial real estate property, we have a network of potential buyers and a proven system for qualifying interested parties.

Much of the success from commercial real estate investing comes from pre-planning, and real estate experts Tim Little, Jim Starr, Luis Olvera, Jeremy Feldmann & John Behnke at Crosstown Commercial Group can help you think about the big picture, so you have a workable plan for maximizing your return on investment. With their understanding of market demands and pricing, the Crosstown Commercial team can help you time your sale to your best advantage.

Always the attentive networkers, Tim, Jim, Luis, Jeremy & John have a broad-based network and resources that help them find qualified buyers when it’s time to sell. Knowing exactly what the property has to offer a new owner forms the foundation for putting together a successful sale. Tim Little, Jim Starr, Luis Olvera, Jeremy Feldmann & John Behnke can outline those details to illustrate the potential and the possibilities. A deal is always best when it benefits both parties as a win-win situation, and the team at Crosstown Commercial purposefully strive for that type of transaction with each deal.

Commercial real estate marketing is another of Tim’s strengths, and he will develop a marketing plan based on your desired outcome, the specific features of the property and the ideal future owner. He’ll do the due diligence to determine the market value and a competitive price to attract serious buyers and merit a sale within a reasonable time frame.

Jim’s strengths evolve around the support of Tim’s core competencies, analysis, guerrilla marketing and business trending & networking to help fulfill the success of sale.

Clients have praised Tim for leading with a sense of purpose and a sense of humor. Jim’s executive and business owner clients have sung similar praises as well. When you’re ready to talk about your vision for commercial property investments, buying and selling, Tim Little and Jim Starr are ready to listen. You’ll find rather quickly that Tim Little is a real estate connoisseur and Jim Starr is a champion in rounding out your success.

Crosstown Commercial Group: a top-performing team with winning strategies, whether you’re buying, selling or investing.

When it’s time to sell your commercial property, make your first call to Crosstown Commercial Group: 952-432-4900. Better yet, schedule a time to talk with us well before the thoughts of selling have even occurred to you.