CA Close to Meeting 100% Renewable Energy Goal

Crosstown Commercial  /   July 5, 2022

CA Close to Meeting 100% Renewable Energy Goal

Not even five years ago, the state of California set a goal to achieve 100% renewable energy by the year 2045. And in early May 2022, renewable electricity came in just shy of that goal. But perhaps most interesting was that this goal was met while 80,000+ partygoers celebrated in the intense heat and sunshine at the Stagecoach Music Festival. Anna Gonzalez, the spokeswoman for California Independent System Operator, a nonprofit that looks over the state’s encompassing electric power system and transmission lines, went on record to the press to indicate that by 2:50 p.m., they had reached 99.87% of the load supported by all renewables. And this was certainly causing celebration, beating a previous record. Solar power provided two-thirds of the energy needed.


A celebration amongst environmentalists


As stated, this was quite the cause for jubilee for environmentalists who have been pushing for this achievement for years. And they weren’t the only ones celebrating with glee. Dan Jacobson, senior adviser to Environment California, took to Twitter, tweeting “California busts past 100% on this historic day for clean energy!” 


Laura Deehan, executive director for Environment California said the organization has been working for over 20 years to complete renewable power via a series of ever-tougher mandates in the state of California. Specifically, Environment California’s goal was for 1 million solar rooftops statewide. This has been achieved with what is referred to as more environmentally solar power than what solar farms can provide and has taken over the Mojave Desert’s expanses.


More work needs to be done and the feds need to get on board 


Though more work needs to be done and the federal government may need to take a greater role, this is indeed impressive progress. Yet unfortunately, a Department of Commerce examination into tariffs on imported solar panels is slowing down seriously high megawatts of solar-storage projects in The Golden State. This misstep could mean some steps backwards and delays in getting to 100% clean energy, 100% of the time.


In the meantime, however, the state of California will continue to take strides to meet that 100% renewable energy goal each and every day, and hopes other states will follow suit.